Port Townsend Marine Electric -- Since 1985

Polaris Custom Marine Panels are designed, machined, and assembled based on twenty-five years of experience in panel construction and marine wiring. They are rugged, easily installed, and readily serviced. Each panel is hand-crafted to satisfy the individual requirements of the vessel for which it is made.

Because Port Townsend Marine Electric is a cottage industry rather than a factory, the cost of a custom panel generally is less than that of an "off-the-shelf" panel.

  • Why a Custom Panel?
    A custom panel allows a boat owner to more efficiently and conveniently utilize the limited space within his or her boat.

  • What types of Panels?
    Engine panels, alarm panels, distribution panels, and genset monitoring.

  • Design Considerations
    Polaris Panels incorporates twenty years of marine wiring and troubleshooting experience.

  • What's Included?
    What comes with each custom panel.

  • Do I need to rewire my boat?
    Not necessarily. A custom panel can adapt to an existing wiring system.

  • Pricing
    Port Townsend Marine Electric offers low prices on marine electrical components and supplies.

  • System Design
    Notes for anyone designing the electrical system for a new boat or rewiring an older boat.

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